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Pursuing Peace

Pastor Chad's reflections on theology, ethics, life, faith, scripture..."Come, O Children, listen to peace, and pursue it."


Joy after the incarnation - Mary was not alone and neither are you

God's will for relationality that is woven into the fabric of creation was revealed again in the birth of Emmanuel, God with us. Like all newborn babies, even Jesus needed a network of life giving relationships to survive his early childhood. And the Gospels go to great lengths to show us the wonderful truth that while Mary was on the margins, she was not alone.

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World Malaria Day and the ELCA

The ELCA continues its commitment to this effort as well, with its ongoing Malaria Campaign. You can participate in our church's work to combat this disease in sub-Saharan Africa, including Senegal, where our family lives and serves. For just a few dollars, a net can save a life.

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An open letter to Senator Burr (R-NC), on S.Amdt.715 to S.649, the Manchin-Toomey Amendment

"Boston just proved again that the majority of our citizens are good people who know what to do to help our neighbors and guard their well-being even when it means some personal sacrifice. So why is the voice of the majority of good people not represented in the Senate vote on gun control? You know that the majority of good people want common sense measures that balance rights with responsibilities because it helps our neighbors, and that is the definition of a good society."

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"I am hungry and thirsty" - a Lenten Prayer for Women

I want to share with you today's Lenten reading. This year I have been following the Book of Prayers from the Society of Lutheran Missions in France. And on this day of fasting, I was blessed by a poem written by Laura Figueroa Granados. It is a prayer for Women who still hunger and thirst for justice.

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Learning the Language of Accompaniment: A Parable in Pronouns

My youngest son, Luke, told us one time that in French, you have to talk backwards. That may be the case, but for me this lesson in pronouns has become a parable about our participation in God's Mission. Here is why.

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